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Our Appellate Court Experience

At the Law Offices of Howard N. Sobel we have extensive experience both in state and federal appellant courts. Appellate courts require seasoned veterans skilled in legal research, writing and oral advocacy to navigate through the detailed process. Our attorneys have been litigating at the appellant courts for decades.

As the famous late baseball player Yogi Berra once stated: “It isn’t over until it’s over“. Thus, clients should consider a seasoned appellant attorney to obtain a just final result, regardless if victorious (and subject to an appeal from a lower court decision) or having lost at the lower court (but having been a victim to trial error). Either way, it is essential to have an experienced appellant attorney on your side to achieve a just final result.

Below is a representative list of appellant decisions obtained by the firm:

  • McDade v. Siazon, Egg Harbor Municipal Utilities Authority, et als, 208 N.J. 463 (2011) – The New Jersey Supreme Court upheld the appellate division’s finding that the failure to file a Tort Claims Notice with the proper public entity precluded the ability of the claimant to pursue its personal injury action against a public entity. In this case, the firm prevailed in representing the Egg Harbor Township Municipal Utilities Authority.
  • State v. Bobo, 222 N.J. Super 30 (App. Div. 1987) – Defendant, through the firm, appealed a judgement of conviction related to possession of marijuana with intent to distribute same. The conviction was overturned in the Defendant’s constitutional rights were violated given that the Defendant’s arrest was based on a warrant issued by a police officer and not a detached and neutral magistrate.
  • Boyce v. Penn Fishing Tackle Mfg., Nicholas-Shea Company, et al., 166 F.3d 1204 (1998) – On appeal to the 3rd Circuit of the United States Court of Appeals where the firm represented Defendant, Nicholas-Shea Company, the Court, per the opinion of Judge Alito (now Supreme Court Justice Alito), affirmed the lower court’s decision granting summary judgement to the Defendants in that the Plaintiff did not present any direct or circumstantial evidence of concerted action between Defendants concerning advertisements rejected on policy grounds by a magazine publisher.
  • Republic Bank v. Fineberg (In re Fineberg), 170 B.R. 276 (1994) – On appeal from the bankruptcy court, Republic Bank alleged there was reversible error by declaring its debt dischargeable. The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania affirmed the lower court’s decision by finding that Republic Bank failed to meet its burden in proving that Fineberg submitted materially false information. The firm prevailed in affirming the lower court’s decision in declaring the Republic Bank dept dischargeable.