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If you are a party to a commercial lease, whether you’re the landlord or the tenant, you want experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel to protect your rights. With effective counsel, you can minimize or even eliminate most potential legal problems. Even if it’s too late for that, you want a lawyer who knows and understands the law and your rights, who has successfully protected others in similar situations.

At the Law Offices of Howard N. Sobel, we bring more than three and a half decades of experience to commercial landlords and tenants across New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We take a detail-oriented approach, taking the time to learn as much as we can about you and your situation, so that we can develop the most effective strategy to get the results you want. We know from experience that every situation is different. We’ll work hard to be responsive, so that you’ll get timely and accurate answers to your questions and concerns.

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Our Representation in Commercial Landlord-Tenant Disputes

We represent either side in disputes related to commercial landlord-tenant agreements, representing parties involved in leases at malls, shopping center and office buildings. We will handle all matters related to eviction and unlawful detainer proceedings, lawsuits seeking possession and efforts to collect any deficiencies on a commercial lease. We provide advice and representation in matters related to:

  • Interpretation of lease provisions — We will offer guidance and will file and litigate declaratory judgment actions related to lease provisions
  • Violation of any obligation under a lease
  • Disputes related to performance, compliance, default or breach of any lease provision

In addition to handling litigation and legal proceedings arising out of commercial lease disputes, we proactively represent landlords and tenants in lease negotiations, and will prepare and review any proposed commercial lease on behalf of a landlord or tenant.

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