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Slips and Falls on Sidewalks in New Jersey

Trips, Slips, and Falls on New Jersey Sidewalks When Can You Potentially Recover Damages for Your Injuries? It's officially spring, and many of us are excited to get outside and take in some fresh air. In addition, the current need to shelter at home has many of us out walking in order to minimize cabin fever. Unfortunately, you may discover that … [Read more...]

Truck Accident Claims—Frequently Asked Questions

Important Things to Know If You're Hurt in a Truck Crash According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly two million truck drivers are licensed to drive on America's roadways, and the number is going up every year. It's no surprise, then, that annually, there are more than half a million commercial truck accidents. If you are one of the … [Read more...]

Verdicts and Settlements in Bankruptcy Proceedings

Can a Personal Injury Award Be Used to Satisfy Creditors? When you can't work due to an injury caused by someone else's carelessness, you quickly can have significant problems meeting your financial obligations. In fact, it's a frequent cause of personal bankruptcy filings. If you qualify for Chapter 7, you can permanently discharge some ofyour … [Read more...]

Slips and Falls in Sloppy Late-Winter Weather

March Is Often the Most Dangerous Time of Year The deep of winter is just about over. You can feel the temperatures starting to climb just a little. You might even think of putting away your winter boots. But don't count on putting winter behind you just yet. Many of the heaviest snows of the year come in late February, March, and even early … [Read more...]

Why It’s a Bad Idea to Represent Yourself in a Bankruptcy Filing

The Importance of Legal Counsel in Bankruptcy Proceedings When you're struggling to make ends meet, it may seem like the last thing you want to do is hire an attorney. After all, if you can't afford to pay your others bills, how can you expect to pay a lawyer? For that reason, or maybe because you think a bankruptcy proceeding can't be that … [Read more...]

When the Automatic Stay in Bankruptcy Does Not Apply

The Limits of Your Legal Protection in Bankruptcy One of the most attractive features of American bankruptcy law is the "automatic stay" that goes into effect immediately upon filing of a bankruptcy petition. It generally prohibits creditors from calling, writing, filing legal action, or otherwise attempting to collect a debt except through the … [Read more...]

Facing Unmanageable Medical Debt in Retirement?

Is Filing Bankruptcy a Good Solution? It's part of the aging process—our bodies start to break down, and we require additional medical care. With changes in employer-provided health insurance and government programs over the last couple decades, it's no surprise that medical debt is the single biggest financial challenge facing most older … [Read more...]

Preferences in Bankruptcy

What Is a Preference? Will It Have an Impact on Your Filing? One of the most significant benefits of American bankruptcy law in the automatic stay, which goes into effect immediately and prohibits creditors from taking any action to collect a debt outside of the bankruptcy proceeding. The bankruptcy court, however, is concerned with more than … [Read more...]

Contracts That May Be Unenforceable

Circumstances That Can Invalidate an Agreement As the law of contracts has evolved over centuries, certain requirements have been established to ensure the enforceability of an agreement. Accordingly, a number of situations have been identified where a contract generally will be considered invalid: Where the Purpose of the Contract Is Illegal—The … [Read more...]

Happy New Year 2020

Wishing you holidays filled with fun and laughter, and very best wishes for a prosperous new year. … [Read more...]