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Voorhees Planning Board Denies Proposed Super Wawa/Tractor Supply Development

Attorney Sobel Leads Fight to Oppose Development at Busy Intersection Attorney Howard Sobel has successfully represented a number of residents who opposed the construction of side-by-side businesses on southbound Route 73 and Kresson Voorhees. The proposed development, which would have required the Voorhees Planning Board to issue 22 … [Read more...]

Disorderly Persons Offenses in New Jersey

Unlike other states, New Jersey does not categorize criminal offenses as misdemeanors or felonies. Instead, under New Jersey statute, a criminal violation is deemed either a disorderly persons offense or an indictable offense. Within the category of disorderly persons (DP) offenses, there's a further breakdown between petty disorderly persons … [Read more...]

The Requirements for a Valid and Enforceable Contract

Let's assume that you're retired and you own a house that you would like to convey to your children after you are gone. You'd prefer not to have the house run through your estate, but you don't want to transfer the property now, as you want to stay in your house for the rest of your life, if possible. If you want the property to go to your … [Read more...]

Understanding the Different Types of Deeds

When you want to transfer ownership in real property, it's necessary to prepare, execute and file a deed to the property. If you've bought, sold or otherwise been a party to the transfer of real estate, you have probably observed that there are different types of deeds—the two most common are warranty deeds and quitclaim deeds. What exactly is a … [Read more...]

Bankruptcy Options for Your Small Business

When you decide to go into business for yourself, there's almost always a period of struggle. If your small business is facing financial difficulties, the first thing you need to ask yourself is whether you can realistically make the business a success. Are your problems short-term? Do you just need to get "over the hump" to make the business … [Read more...]

Using a Bankruptcy Filing to Manage Medical Bills

A recent survey by CNBC found that, over the last decade, more people cited unanticipated medical bills than any other cause as the event that triggered a personal bankruptcy filing. It's estimated that a million or more people file for bankruptcy protection in any given year to try to get medical obligations under control. But it that the right … [Read more...]

Knowing When It’s Time to Consider Bankruptcy

In our years in practice, we've helped many people get a fresh start with personal or business bankruptcy filings. We've also had many people come to us after waiting far too long, limiting our ability to minimize the consequences of a bankruptcy filing. We know there can a lot of reasons to put off the decision to file: You may be overly … [Read more...]

Docketing a Foreign Judgment in New Jersey

If you are owed money by an individual or business outside of the state of New Jersey, and you successfully obtained a judgment against the debtor in another jurisdiction, that judgment is entitled to "full faith and credit" in New Jersey, but you must take specific steps to "docket" the judgment in New Jersey. If you properly docket the judgment, … [Read more...]

Collecting on a Judgment in New Jersey

When you have money owed to you, it's often not that difficult to obtain a judgment in a court of law. Many times, in fact, the person or company that owes you money won't even respond to your lawsuit and the court will enter a default judgment. Unfortunately, that's almost always the easiest part. Recovering the funds can prove far more … [Read more...]

Howard Named Awesome Attorney In Bankruptcy and Creditor-Debtor Rights Law

Our Areas of Practice Our attorneys provide full service representation in cases involving: Bankruptcy Business matters Commercial collections Commercial landlord-tenant issues Equipment leasing General civil litigation Personal injury Residential real estate Contact the Law Offices of Howard N. Sobel Contact our … [Read more...]