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Understanding Wrongful Discharge

When Is Termination of Employment Illegal? Your job is one of the most important parts of your life. It brings self-esteem and provides you with the resources to take of yourself and your loved ones. Few things can be more devastating than getting fired. When that happens, one of the first questions you need to ask is "was the termination … [Read more...]

Common Defenses to the Enforceability of a Contract

In an earlier blog, we identified the specific elements of a valid and enforceable contract: An agreement Supported by consideration Voluntarily entered into By persons with contractual capacity With a subject matter that is legal Let's look a little closer at the defenses you can raise to the enforceability of a … [Read more...]

Trucking Accidents Continue to Rise

More Trucks, More Miles, and Cheaper Gas Increase Injury and Fatality Rates According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the number of fatalities arising out of large truck accidents went up by approximately five percent in 2017, with more than 4,000 lives lost in commercial truck accidents. Authorities believe that lower … [Read more...]

What Bankruptcy Can and Cannot Do for You

If you've gone through a divorce or suffered a serious medical setback, and you're struggling to meet your financial obligations, you may be considering bankruptcy as a way to get a fresh financial start. When you file for Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you'll immediately have the protection of the automatic stay, which prevents … [Read more...]

Happy Holidays from The Law Office of Howard N. Sobel

At the closing of the year, we pause to reflect on our blessings. We count your trust and confidence among those blessings, and we hope that this season brings continued blessings to you. Happy holidays and best wishes for a prosperous new year. … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving

We give thanks, today and every day, for you and the trust you place in us. We are committed to building strong relationships with our clients because we understand that strong relationships lead to better results. We hope that this holiday allows you to spend time with loved ones, to rest, reflect, and give thanks. Happy Thanksgiving! … [Read more...]

Happy Halloween!

[Read more...]

Challenging a Traffic Ticket in New Jersey

It happens to just about everyone at some time—you're in a hurry and don't quite stop at a stop sign or you're traveling a little faster than you should be—and you get pulled over by law enforcement officers. Maybe there were extenuation circumstances. Maybe it really wasn't you they clocked on the radar. Can you challenge the ticket? How do you go … [Read more...]

Life Estates in Real Property

Let's assume that you're retired and you own a house that you would like to convey to your children after you are gone. You'd prefer not to have the house run through your estate, but you don't want to transfer the property now, as you want to stay in your house for the rest of your life, if possible. If you want the property to go to your … [Read more...]

Voorhees Planning Board Denies Proposed Super Wawa/Tractor Supply Development

Attorney Sobel Leads Fight to Oppose Development at Busy Intersection Attorney Howard Sobel has successfully represented a number of residents who opposed the construction of side-by-side businesses on southbound Route 73 and Kresson Voorhees. The proposed development, which would have required the Voorhees Planning Board to issue 22 … [Read more...]