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Contracts That May Be Unenforceable

Circumstances That Can Invalidate an Agreement As the law of contracts has evolved over centuries, certain requirements have been established to ensure the enforceability of an agreement. Accordingly, a number of situations have been identified where a contract generally will be considered invalid: Where the Purpose of the Contract Is Illegal—The … [Read more...]

Affirmative Defenses to Allegations of Breach of Contract

If you're in business, you have regular exposure to contracts, both written and oral. You may also have the experience of dealing with situations where a party has failed to meet obligations under an agreement. Though the breach of a contract can often be the basis for legal action, there are certain "affirmative defenses" that can be raised, which … [Read more...]

Common Defenses to the Enforceability of a Contract

In an earlier blog, we identified the specific elements of a valid and enforceable contract: An agreement Supported by consideration Voluntarily entered into By persons with contractual capacity With a subject matter that is legal Let's look a little closer at the defenses you can raise to the enforceability of a … [Read more...]